International Moving

The process of moving can be a traumatic experience in and of itself. Moving overseas to another country throws in a whole new set of worries. Geo. W. Weaver and Sons, Inc. works to make this process of movingoverseas as smooth and seamless as possible.

Packing, Padding and Protecting

When it comes to protecting your shipment, our level of professionalism is unmatched.
The first step in protecting your shipment for the trip is proper packing.

  • All packing materials and cartons will be new
  • All china, glass and crystal will be individually wrapped prior to packing
  • Cartons will be taped across top, bottom and all sides
  • All rugs and carpets will be rolled and wrapped
  • Customer's name, room and contents will be marked on each carton

All items which are not suitable for packing will be padded for transport. These items include furniture items, large bulky pieces and large appliances. These items are paper padded as a standard and where items require additional protection the use of double wrapping and crating is involved. Proper padding requires the following steps:

  • all furniture will be dismantled, if appropriate
  • all hardware (nuts and bolts) will be placed in plastic bags before being put in the master hardware box
  • all furniture will be wrapped in a minimum 3-ply paper pad
  • corner pads will be used to provide additional protection
  • all paper pad seams will be sealed using export vinyl tape
  • skeleton or full crates will be used on awkward or fragile pieces

Shipping Containers for Every Application

When it comes to shipping your possessions overseas, you can feel confident
knowing that they'll be carefully containerized for export. (Note: Depending on
your individual circumstances, your shipment may be loaded into containers
at your residence or at our agent's warehouse.)

Based on the size of your shipment, its handling requirements and destination,
there are several types of containers and shipping methods that may be utilized.
Rest assured, all of them are designed to maximize cost-efficiency and protection.

They include:

  • air shipments, which are loaded into wooden or corrugated containers
  • small ocean shipments, which are loaded into waterproof wooden lift-vans
  • large ocean shipments, which are loaded into steel steamship containers

Getting the Most for your Money

When it comes to moving your belongings, leave it to our team of professionals. In determining the cost of your shipment, we consider its density - the combination of its weight and cubic volume. Large, odd-shaped items decrease space-efficiency and increase the cubic volume of your shipment. So, to minimize the cubic volume and help keep your costs down, there are certain items which may not make sense to take.

For example:

  • rattan/wicker
  • large quantities of disposable diapers
  • large plastic outdoor children's toys

Maximizing Cost-Efficiency

We're available whenever you need us. Our representatives are able to stay in close contact with you, answering questions and managing the details of your relocation.

Providing you with the most cost-effective delivery strategy for your shipment requires the combination of the latest technology with the most professional employees. In fact, our highly trained staff calculates the best way to transport your shipment.

In order to optimize cost-efficiency, we consider the following variables:

  • your final destination
  • how soon you'll need your shipment

We ensure that you don't pay for unnecessary services. After all we're committed to your satisfaction - it's our primary goal.

When You Arrive

Upon arrival, you'll have forms to sign and procedures to follow. But with just one call to your representative, you'll have all of the necessary customs documents, as well as the latest information about your shipment. Call your representative when you arrive, so they'll know where to contact you, and you'll know we're in touch with your move every step of the way.

Here's a quick checklist of things to do when you arrive:

  • register at your hotel
  • register with the nearest consulate
  • contact your overseas representative

Customs Clearing Requirements:

Customs can be confusing. And the requirements vary greatly from one country to another. That's why we stay up-to-date on all the regulations. We're the moving experts serving your needs, and we’ll keep you informed.

To be safe, don't take any of the following (and if you have any doubts, just leave it behind):

  • firearms
  • alcohol
  • narcotics
  • agricultural products, including houseplants and seeds
  • pornographic materials and magazines
  • politically sensitive materials

In most countries, your household goods and personal effects can often be entered duty-free. (Note: Some items may be subject to certain provisions.) It's important to remember that any duties or taxes levied against your shipment are in addition to our charges. In most cases, you can settle your customs charges with your overseas agent. However, there are times when you'll be required to deal directly with the customs office. If that's the case, be sure to obtain an official receipt and keep it, as some duties are refundable when you leave the country.

Delivering the Shipment

To assure that everything has arrived when your shipment is delivered, carefully
check off each item from the inventory sheet that was prepared at origin.

And to help ensure immediate steps are taken when there are any discrepancies,
notify your representative. We'll take care of the details, so you'll be totally satisfied.

Once your shipment arrives, your representative will reassemble any of your
belongings that were disassembled at origin. And to help alleviate the stress
of moving in, your agent can unpack as much or as little as you prefer. In the
unlikely event of damage, be sure to note it on the inventory and report it to
your overseas agent.