Going Green: Uprooting and Relocating Plants

March 18th, 2010

There’s enough to worry about during the process of home or corporate relocation, and proper care for plants may be left until last minute. The U.S. Department of Transportation allows plants to be transported if the trip is less than 150 miles and total transport time is under 24 hours. Some states require plants to be quarantined at all times during the moving process. While Harrisburg area moving companies do their best to ensure the safety and health of plants during transport, they cannot be held liable for their final condition. It’s important to contact a George W. Weaver and Son, Inc. moving consultant prior to relocation. However, for those wishing to attempt transport on their own, the following tips will help minimize stress on the plant:
• Minimize growth by reducing feeding
• One month prior to moving, prune back overgrown leaves and branches
• Several weeks prior to moving day, allow plants access to plenty of sunlight, allowing them to store extra energy
• The day before the big move, water the plant thoroughly
• On moving day, prevent tipping by stabilizing the plant in a sturdy carton

Packing Breakable Items, Special Items, and Valuable Items

February 27th, 2010

At George Weaver Moving, it is of utmost importance to us that your belongings are handled with care. We’d like to help you pack fragile items with care, and valuable items securely. Items that require special packaging when being moved by a moving company include glass table tops, Grandfather clocks, marble table tops and any other marble items, plasma televisions, paintings, portraits, pictures, and anything else that you may view as valuable or special to you. We can provide packing supplies for items such as glasses, dinnerware or other fragile kitchen items, and other fragile household items as well.

However, there are some restrictions on items that we can relocate for you. The items that we are unable to move are flammable items (including paints, hairspray, household cleaners, etc.) and anything that is living, such as pets and plants.

If you have any questions regarding items that need special packaging or items questionable for transport, please feel free to contact your relocation specialist!

Special Delivery: Pets and Moving

February 15th, 2010

When it comes to relocation, pets can often be overlooked until moving day. If you are moving locally, you will have less work involved. However, if you are moving long- distance or internationally, you will need to plan well in advance for the safe transport of your pets.

If you plan on travelling by car, be sure to acquaint your pet with car travel by allowing it to accompany you on short drives. One of those drives should be to your veterinarian for a check up, as well as copies of your pet’s health records and vaccinations. Be sure to update identification tags with your new address while you are there! Do not feed your pet for several hours before your trip. Make sure you take along fresh water for rest stops along the way, if you are travelling for several hours.

You will need to determine ahead of time if you will need to stay at a hotel overnight. If so, you will need to find lodging that welcomes your pets. Never leave an animal unattended in a car for any length of time!

If you have a cage residing animal, it may keep your pet calm to cover the cage while you travel.

Air travel creates a series of hurdles that pet owners must plan for well in advance. You will need to check airline regulations and make reservations. It is a good idea to plan your flight on a weekday so there is more cargo room available for your pets. It is also wise to plan a direct flight to avoid complications that may arise with layovers and flight changes. You will need a portable air-transport kennel large enough for your pet to move around in. Many airlines will sell or rent these special carriers. Be sure to mark the container “live animal” and let your pet become accustomed to it in advance. Also be sure to affix a label with your contact information, and alternate contact information, and include any special handling instructions.

A well planned move for your pets will take stress off of you, and allow your pet to adjust smoothly to the changes in your lives.

Moving and Children

January 29th, 2010

With the hub-bub of our busy lives, we tend to overlook those that are affected by the decisions that we make. Children are often a part of a residential move, and we at George Weaver Moving realize that a part of the moving process needs to be preparing your children for your move. Children like to be told what is going on, and they like to be a part of what is going on. There is no “best way” to help your child adjust to a major move, but there are some things that you can do to help them adjust.

  • Talk to your children openly, well in advance of the move and the changes it will bring
  • Keep a consistent routine at home until the move
  • Schedule your child’s current activities to be continued in your new community
  • Keep your child’s favorite toys, books, and other special items accessible
  • Help your child pack a special box with their most treasured items.  Be sure to point this box out to your driver to be unloaded first.
  • Take your child to your new house and new neighborhood before the move to introduce them to their new environment
  • Let your children be involved with the packing and planning.  Ask them for their input on how they would like their new rooms to look.
  • Be sure to ask them how they are feeling as the move date draws closer; listen to their opinions and emotions, and validate them.

Teamwork Makes a Difference

January 20th, 2010

George Weaver Moving not only provides you with a relocation consultant to help you plan your move, but also provides you with another resource: your driver and your packing team. This team does more than just pack your boxes and drive your belongings to your new home. Your moving team is responsible for:

  • Using protective coverings to protect your home and items from damage
  • Preparing a detailed inventory of items
  • Labeling each carton and piece of furniture with a coding system to account for each and every item
  • Loading properly packed and inventoried items into the moving van
  • Getting your authorization to ship your items to your new residence
  • Safely delivering your possessions to your new home

It’s also a good idea for you to provide your moving team with a phone number of where you can be reached, as well as the name and number of an alternate contact in case you are unable to be reached.

You are an invaluable part of our moving process. Your input and participation are welcomed, and we’re looking forward to working with you every step of the way!

Confident Moving: Keeping Stress Low and Productivity High

January 5th, 2010

It’s really easy to overload yourself and your family when you are planning for a move. It pays to set goals and be realistic about what you can get accomplished in the time you have before your move date. At George Weaver Moving, we view each move as a team effort. Because we work as teammates, we will have you work with a specially-trained relocation consultant. This person will work by your side to help you set your move date, explain the services that we provide to you, help you decide which options are best for you and your moving budget, and properly estimate your moving costs. Your relocation consultant will also answer packing questions, assess items that may need special requirements, and let you know if there are any items that are not allowed to be transported.

Your relocation consultant will help to iron out the details and stay on top of things so that your move happens just as it should. If you would like to get started, click here to request a free moving quote!

Welcome Article

December 29th, 2009

Moving your entire household or business can seem like a monumental task, and we know that it is easy to become overwhelmed or even discouraged. At George Weaver moving, we understand these emotions of concern, unease, and uncertainty. It is our desire to equip our clients with the information, strategies, and answers they need while choosing a moving company that is right for them. It is also our desire to be a partner in the moving process, providing assistance and answers to complete a successful, low- stress move.

We greatly appreciate each and every one of our clients, and desire to be a moving resource to each person that we meet. This blog is designed to be that resource, to answer questions before the move, during the move, and even after the moving process is complete. We’re looking forward to serving Harrisburg and New Cumberland Pennsylvania, and beyond. Please contact us with your questions or concerns, or comment on the articles we post. We welcome your feedback!

Sincerely, The Team at George W. Weaver Moving, Inc.