About Us

When contemplating a move of any type, you want a moving company with a solid background and reputation. In Pennsylvania, no other mover has the strong history
and years of expertise like George Weaver Moving Company! George Weaver Movers
have their roots in Harrisburg, PA and Central PA, and have developed a strong
reputation of exceptional service.

Geo W. Weaver and Son, Inc celebrated their 110th anniversary in 2008. Several distinct phases of growth lead to the company’s present size and location. Geo. W. Weaver and Son, Inc. became a North American Van Lines Agent in 1946. In 1950 Geo W. Weaver purchased Harrisburg Moving & Storage, which then became a North American Van
Lines Agent in 1956 as well. The two companies continue to maintain separate identities.

In effort to meet the needs of the expanding market in the Harrisburg, PA area,
Geo. W. Weaver and Son purchased Penn-Hershey Transfer in 1998. A new and
modern facility was built in Palmyra, PA to help to meet the moving needs of the
Central PA area as well.