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George W. Weaver and Son, Inc. is the leading moving company for the Harrisburg, PA area. George W. Weaver and Son, Inc. is a licensed and insured Harrisburg mover, providing high-quality and customer service. Our commitment to service and excellence
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We proudly serve the Harrisburg, PA and Cumberland, PA areas. If you are nearby these areas, please feel free to call or request a quote. We would be happy to accommodate your moving needs!

Pro Tips

  • Be realistic about what you can get accomplished when preparing for a move based on the amount of time available before the move.

    Overloading yourself and other members of the family with things to do will only heighten stress and reduce preparedness.
  • If you're concerned that important papers, photos, or records and recent mail may get misplaced consider express mailing them to your new address for delivery upon your arrival.
  • Before the northAmerican driver leaves for your new location, provide a phone number where you can be reached and an alternate contact as a back-up.
  • Having a garage sale prior to your move can save you money two ways - you'll have fewer items to move and you pocket money from the sale of the items.
  • Have the kids pack a box of their "special" items. Point this box out to the northAmerican driver so it's on of the first to be unloaded.
  • You might want to make plans on moving day to have pets stay with a friend or neighbor to avoid over excitement and assure they don't get in the way.
  • When moving plants to your new home by car, don't allow the foliage to rest against windows. Leaves can be scorched.
  • Once you reach your new home, wait for the TV and VCR/DVD to come to room temperature before plugging in.
  • To avoid the loss of smaller items (e.g. remote controls, canister lids, wrap each in a brightly colored tissue before packing into boxes.
  • Wrap dishes in plain newsprint and pack vertically rather than stacking.
  • If possible, use only boxes designed for moving. Boxes obtained from grocery and retail stores may not be strong enough to hold your belongings.
  • Only use your daily newspaper for extra cushion at the bottom of boxes; avoid wrapping individual items as the ink will rub off. It can even get embedded into fine china so be careful!
  • Just in case ...consider transporting items of personal importance or sentimental value with you: Cash, Family photos, Collections, Deeds/wills, Jewelry, Moving documents.
  • In your new home, tape a sign on the door of each room that corresponds to the carton labels - this will help movers get the cartons in the proper rooms quickly.